On the third day of Veganmas…

Veg Life


So in a previous post I mentioned that I’ve recently gone vegan – and let you know a couple reasons why (namely, Vegucated on Netflix!) After the daily question of: what do I even eat for dinner? I know I have definitely been searching online for easy vegan recipes, tips and tricks and ways to more easily find the lay of the veggie-covered land. For anyone interested in following me on this veggie journey, please read on.

Things I miss (but not enough to go back!)

  • Cheese 😦
  • Chocolate – I am distraught over learning that most chocolate is not vegan today. I am additionally distraught over the fact that I bought a rather expensive (relatively) bag of chocolate chips at Whole Foods marked “vegetarian” and then realized that “vegetarian” did not mean vegan.
  • Trader Joe’s Power Berries – Back to the chocolate. I was popping these into my face earlier and then read the back. They are made with milk. I am devastated.
  • Thankfully that is about all so far, but it’s only been three days!

Recipes I have tested out so far: 

  • Mac and “cheese” found here – My mother was not as happy with it as I was. I can tell you it doesn’t taste like real cheese, unless you are used to some funky tasting cheese! It is made with potatoes, carrots, onions and a whole bunch of other stuff (all healthy!) and it slightly kind of a little bit resembles mac’n’cheese. I have come to terms with the fact that I will never enjoy a nice pure slice of sharp cheddar again, and this pasta dish is actually pretty good. Reheated for lunch today it tasted a lot more like Mac’n’cheese, but that may have been my taste buds adjusting. Maybe I’ll forget what real cheese tastes like soon?
  • Cupcakes! Actually the first vegan recipe I tried out (duh)! Passed off for omni cupcakes to all my old teachers, and the fam. I call it a success. They’re delicious – made with coconut oil, and I even tried some of this paleo frosting, which my nutrition-healthy-food-loving friends enjoyed (the family preferred the store-bought Duncan Hines).
  • These chocolate chip cookies. My little brother told me to make him some, and he also made me promise to not make a vegan version. Don’t tell him but I did use a vegan recipe, although those didn’t turn out vegan. I ended up using those deceitful chocolate chips from earlier to give them some use. The batter itself is vegan – and I ate my share of raw batter and it tasted like normal cookie dough! HOWEVER bonus points for him not finding out – he still thinks they’re 100% omni cookies!

Recipes I am planning to try out in the next couple of weeks: 

  • Chocolate Cherry Gluten Free Brownies – don’t these look to die for? I will update once I’ve tried them! And found some cherries.
  • This peach and blackberry cobbler – We have a ton in the house so I’m planning on trying it out tomorrow!
  • Lastly, this vegan creme brulee!!! I have been making creme brulee all summer, and I even bought a little torch (don’t judge!). I miss it already so I can’t wait to try out this vegan recipe.

Vegan baking supplies I have added to the pantry: I know I have slowly been trying to figure out what common ingredients are a part of vegan recipes, so if anyone else is having my same struggles I hope you appreciate this list (by no means is it all-inclusive or even great, again I’m only on day 3!)

  • Almond Milk – I have had this for a while, since I use it for smoothies and I generally like it better than normal milk. It’s in a lot of baking recipes (cupcakes, cookies).
  • Coconut Oil – This is in a lot of vegan versions of recipes! NOTE: Always melt the coconut oil (I think, so far this has been the rule for me!)
  • Apple Cider Vinegar – This has been useful in baking, specifically for cupcakes. I used it to curdle the almond milk.
  • Almond/Cashew Meal – I have been using Cashew Meal instead of grinding up my own cashews (I don’t know if I’m supposed to but I haven’t had any trouble so far and it takes out a ton of steps). Nutty things are generally good – for breading, crumbles and lots of vegan versions of things.
  • Flaxseed Meal – Haven’t used it yet but I had heard that it is a must, and a great egg substitute!
  • To be continued… there’s always more coming!

Stay tuned to see how everything pans out – recipe- and life-wise! I am having a blast with this. In the words of the Vegansaurus, being vegan is like a daily treasure hunt. We are food detectives, and that makes life all the more fun!


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